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Piwigo, web üzerinde çalışan açık kaynak kodlu fotoğraf galerisi programıdır. Organizasyonlar, takımlar ve kişisel kullanımlar için geliştirilmiştir.

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Piwigo, sıra binlerce veya hatta yüz binlerce fotoğrafın sınıflandırılmasına geldiğinde öne çıkıyor, parlıyor.


Piwigi 2002'de doğduğundan beri 19 yıldan fazla süredir kullanıcılarına destek vermekte. Her zaman gelişmekte!

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Mevcut açık kaynak kodu, eklentiler ve temalar sayesinde düzenlenebilir, denetlenebilir ve genişletilebilir.

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French swimming federation
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City of Arles

Piwigo'yu sevenler


I have been using Piwigo since 2013. Before I had a website based on Adobe-Flash and I wanted something new and more organised. As open-source platform (and free of charge) Piwigo had all the good cards. The options that really convinced me were: easy to use, quickly upload your new photos, create password protected private albums, the search options, display the photos metadata, give your own... see more

Jan Eijdenberg, Individual, The Netherlands


I have been using piwigo for 1 year. The feature in piwigo took my attention is I could create categories and let specific users access to them with a password so easily. So I could offer privacy to my clients with the ease of browsing that piwigo offers. I have over 5000 images in my piwigo system. One of the best thing is after you upload original files resizing to different sizes are done only... see more

Sami Onur Zaim, Professional, Turkey


I'm using Piwigo now for 2 years now to host my private collection of about 9000 photos. For me its the perfect way to show my pictures since its 1) easy to use 2) comes with a number of plugins, themes, ... to adapt to my needs 3) gives me the chance to tweak things on a low level if I feel like it 4) has an active community with great support in case of questions. And of course its FREE to use!... see more

Thomas Feuster, Individual, Germany


A longtime search for a suitable photo gallery brought me to Piwigo. This is the only gallery that gives a collector incredible help with the possibility of integrating an easy to use SEARCH engine into the collection of photo's.

Wilfried, Individual, Belgium

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