Piwigo nedir?

Piwigo is a web application to manage your collection of photos, and other medias. Embedding powerful features, it powers photo galleries all around the world.

What can I use Piwigo for?

There is a wide variety of usages among Piwigo users community. From medium sized galleries
to huge image banks, Piwigo can make your life easier and save you time and effort.


Public sector, companies, foundations... all of them have to manage their own collection. In the Digital Asset Management field, Piwigo focuses on ease-of-use, affordability, performances and sustainability.


Pro photographers need to show their work to their clients, publicly or privately. Piwigo provides advanced permissions control. Clients can download photos one by one or whole albums.


Managing a family albums over the last 20 years, organizing a collection of European spiders, showing your best landscape photos as photo amateur... these are a few examples of how Piwigo is used by its community.

Why choosing Piwigo?

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500,000 photos in your collection? Not a problem for Piwigo. Lightning fast performances is included, by default.

Born in 2002, Piwigo has clearly reached the maturity level. Of course it keeps evolving to match current techs!

Piwigo has always been, and will always be a free software. A code you can read and understand is a code you can trust.

How to use Piwigo?

You can download Piwigo from Piwigo.org and install it on your web hosting, with the appropriate technical requirements. Using Piwigo is free, you only pay your hosting provider.

Piwigo also comes as a service on Piwigo.com: take a few seconds to open a trial account, use Piwigo and forget about technical details. A Piwigo.com account involves hosting fees.

The GNU General Public License, or GPL, is an open source license. Open source doesn't just mean that you can view the source code — it has political and philosophical implications as well. Open source, or "Free Software", means you are free to modify and redistribute the source code under certain conditions.

Free doesn't refer to the price, it refers to freedom. The difference between the two meanings of free is often characterized as "Free as in speech vs. free as in beer." The GPL is free as in speech.

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