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Piwigo, web üzerinde çalışan açık kaynak kodlu fotoğraf galerisi programıdır. Organizasyonlar, takımlar ve kişisel kullanımlar için geliştirilmiştir.

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sürüm 11.3.0 6 Şubat 2021

Piwigo İndir

sürüm 11.3.0 6 Şubat 2021

Binlerce organizasyon ve milyonlarca kişi Piwigo'yu kullanmayı çok seviyor

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Piwigo, sıra binlerce veya hatta yüz binlerce fotoğrafın sınıflandırılmasına geldiğinde öne çıkıyor, parlıyor.


Piwigi 2002'de doğduğundan beri 18 yıldan fazla süredir kullanıcılarına destek vermekte. Her zaman gelişmekte!

Açık Kaynak

Mevcut açık kaynak kodu, eklentiler ve temalar sayesinde düzenlenebilir, denetlenebilir ve genişletilebilir.

Piwigo ile oluşturulan güzel fotoğraf galerileri

Océanopolis Brest
The Regional Natural Park Landes de Gascogne
Eh Canada
Macro Gallery

Piwigo'yu sevenler

I've been using Piwigo for almost 4 years. After gathering our families photos, and figuring out there was not an easy way to sort them on just one computer, I knew there had to be an easier solution. We could have spent 10$/mo on some online storage to sort them (google photos), but with our videos, I would blow right through that. After trying a few other 'self hosted' options, I found... see more

Thomas Sweeney, Individual, Maryland, USA

I am writing to compliment you on your photograph organization software. I am a pathologist, and I use this to organize photomicrographs for teaching and distribution to colleagues. It is easy to use, easy to understand, requires minimal maintenance, and my colleague have no trouble getting what they need. I appreciate having access to such a great product.

William R Oliver, MD, Organisation, USA

I'm using Piwigo now for 2 years now to host my private collection of about 9000 photos. For me its the perfect way to show my pictures since its 1) easy to use 2) comes with a number of plugins, themes, ... to adapt to my needs 3) gives me the chance to tweak things on a low level if I feel like it 4) has an active community with great support in case of questions. And of course its FREE to use!... see more

Thomas Feuster, Individual, Germany

After using many so called photography specific web hosts over the years, I could never find one with software that worked how I wanted it, always how they wanted it. Then I chanced on Piwigo one day, and created our family website of 4,000 photos. Next I created my own Piwigo website, with my 50 years of photographs in mind. What a joy! Piwigo is the three 'P's - Powerful, a Pleasure to use, and... see more

Richard Histon, Individual, United Kingdom

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