Sürüm notu / Piwigo 1.5.0

Major feature enhancements

Piwigo 1.5.0 indir

Sürüm yayınlanma tarihi: 8 Kasım 2005

  • new default template “yoga”. HTML 4.01 and CSS2 web standards based.
  • caddie and batch management: organize your photographs more quickly.
  • improved users list.
  • user comments presentation page redesigned from scratch.
  • automatic list of external links displayed in the menu.
  • the single category permissions management page comes back from branch 1.3.
  • RSS feed notification.
  • ability to use HTTP authentication (Apache .htaccess file)
  • external authentication : share users list with a forum.
  • advanced management for category representatives: ability to have a really random representative, ability to choose a representative which does not belong to the category.
  • contextual help
  • automatic mail sending when password forgotten.
  • new administration screen to move a set of virtual categories.