Extensions http://piwigo.org/ext Piwigo extensions en team piwigo.org piwigo_privacy, revision 1.0.1 http://piwigo.org/ext/extension_view.php?eid=849&rid=7014#rev7014 Değişiklik: 1.0.1

Hakkında: A plugin to increase the privacy of Piwigo gallery

Piwigo privacy will validate users before allowing access to Piwigo images and other uploaded files.

This plugin will not work without specific webserver configuration.
Please refer to 'setup information' link available below

Değişiklikler: - Fixed bug where changing rel_path of SrcImage affected both get_url and get_path. now replaced images will allways return original path in get_path #17

Bootstrap Darkroom, revision 2.4.3 http://piwigo.org/ext/extension_view.php?eid=831&rid=7013#rev7013 Değişiklik: 2.4.3

Hakkında: A feature-rich and mobile-ready theme based on Bootstrap 4.


* Over 30 color styles
-> Bootswatch
-> Material Design
-> Custom low-contrast dark color scheme based on Lightroom® colors

* Full screen slideshow view using PhotoSwipe
-> Supports auto play
-> Supports HTML5 video
-> Album thumbnails can be linked to PhotoSwipe directly (like smartpocket)

* 100% mobile ready
-> fully responsive Navbars, Carousel, PhotoSwipe slideshow, video content
-> async/ondemand loading of carousel & PhotoSwipe content, adaptive image size selection, swipe & tap events

* Carousel album navigation on the picture page using Slick slider
* Video support using native HTML 5 video widget
* Optional hero image or jumbotron banner
* Different layouts for infos on picture page
* Tons of configuration options


* PHP >= 5.3 (for PHP 7.3 you need to patch Piwigo core, see https://github.com/Piwigo/Piwigo/pull/952)

Recommended plugins for best mobile experience:

* GThumb+ or gdThumb (for best "available screen space usage")
* RV Thumbnail Scroller (to keep initial page load size small and allow for easy "swipe through")

Değişiklikler: - Add support for iPhone X*/11 viewport-fit=cover

Take A Tour, revision 2.10.1 http://piwigo.org/ext/extension_view.php?eid=776&rid=7012#rev7012 Değişiklik: 2.10.1

Hakkında: Visit your Piwigo to discover its features. This plugin has multiple thematic tours for beginners and advanced users.

Değişiklikler: same as Piwigo 2.10.1

New languages:

Piwigo Team
LocalFiles Editor, revision 2.10.1 http://piwigo.org/ext/extension_view.php?eid=144&rid=7011#rev7011 Değişiklik: 2.10.1

Hakkında: Allows you to easily edit local script files directly from the administration menu.

- config_local.inc.php
- CSS files
- The template files
- The language files
- Your personal plugin

Değişiklikler: same as Piwigo 2.10.1

New languages:

Piwigo Team
Language Switch, revision 2.10.1 http://piwigo.org/ext/extension_view.php?eid=123&rid=7010#rev7010 Değişiklik: 2.10.1

Hakkında: Language Switch is a distributed plugin.
Check compatibility before you download.

Language Switch can be useful to allow guest or members to switch to another language by a click on the related flag.
When visitor clicks on it, it saves the chosen language in his session or in profile for members, then the current page is reloaded in the new language.

Değişiklikler: same as Piwigo 2.10.1

New languages:

Piwigo Team
Admin Tools, revision 2.10.1 http://piwigo.org/ext/extension_view.php?eid=720&rid=7009#rev7009 Değişiklik: 2.10.1

Hakkında: Admin Tools adds a toolbar on the top of each page of your gallery with a set of useful functions :
- quick links to specific admin sections
- quick edit form of photos and albums
- "add to caddie" and "set as representative" buttons
- development tools (identical as MultiView plugin)

Bonus : it also allows to normal users to edit the information of their photos (uploaded with Community plugin)

Değişiklikler: same as Piwigo 2.10.1

New languages:

Piwigo Team
modus, revision 2.10.1 http://piwigo.org/ext/extension_view.php?eid=728&rid=7008#rev7008 Değişiklik: 2.10.1

Hakkında: - responsive layout, retina aware
- comes with several color flavors (including clear and dark colors)
- horizontal menu (becomes vertical on mobile devices and small screens)
- automatic photo size selection on photo page (retina aware, graceful degradation on non javascript browsers, active from the first hit ...)
- thumbnails full row layout (no space lost, à la plugin GThumb, retina aware)

Incompatible with the following plugins: GThumb, AutomaticSize

Değişiklikler: same as Piwigo 2.10.1

Smart Pocket (mobile theme), revision 2.10.1 http://piwigo.org/ext/extension_view.php?eid=599&rid=7007#rev7007 Değişiklik: 2.10.1

Hakkında: Mobile theme.

Değişiklikler: same as Piwigo 2.10.1

New languages:

Check Files Integrity, revision 0.0.12 http://piwigo.org/ext/extension_view.php?eid=844&rid=7006#rev7006 Değişiklik: 0.0.12

Hakkında: Check Piwigo files for unexpected modifications

Değişiklikler: add release 2.10.1

elegant, revision 2.10.1 http://piwigo.org/ext/extension_view.php?eid=685&rid=7005#rev7005 Değişiklik: 2.10.1

Hakkında: This theme was added in Piwigo 2.4. Greyscale design on a dark background.

Değişiklikler: same as Piwigo 2.10.1

Piwigo Team