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OptiPic images optimization and WebP convertion

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About: Smart images optimization and WebP convertation on the fly with OptiPic CDN.

What does OptiPic CDN do when trying to request an image from it:

- Returns the WebP version of the image, if the browser supports WebP format.
- Returns a compressed/optimized version without webp, if the browser does not support WebP.
- Makes responsive to mobile screens, if the image is opened from a mobile.
- Caches and speeds up loading, reducing the load from your hosting.

Convertation to Webp and image compression occurs in the background and does not slow down the opening of images on the browser.
If the optimized version is not yet ready at the time of the image request, the original version is returned without any processing.

What gets optimization of images on the site:
- Speeding up the site
- Improving SEO
- Increasing of conversion
- Increasing of Google Pagespeed Insights

Have any questions?
You may get free support or free integration with OptiPic here.

For more information please visit official OptiPic CDN site.

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English [GB] English [UK] Русский [RU]


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