Piwigo 2.1.6 Release Notes

Downloads Piwigo 2.1.6
changes between 2.1.x and 2.1.6
Released on January 24th, 2011 (2011-01-24)
Focus bug fixes, new languages
md5sum 870a30a2651d8fb313d30b19407181a6

Note: the list of major changes is described on Piwigo 2.1.0 release notes. This page only describes what changes between release 2.1.5 and release 2.1.6.


  • 0002120: add new langage Norwegian thanks to atlew
  • 0002124: add new language Swedish (Svenska) thanks to Jonas and Wallster
  • 0002127: add help files in Dutch (Nederlands) thanks to pauldaytona
  • 0002126: add help files in Czech (Česky) thanks to TPY
  • 0002125: add strings for upgrade script in Danish (Dansk) thanks to nile
  • 0002123: add help files in Chinese (简体中文) thanks to winson and Ralph.Bai
  • 0002122: add strings for upgrade script and help files in Latvian (Latviešu) thanks to Aivars Baldone
  • 0002121: add strings for upgrade/install/admin script and help files in Arabic (العربية) thanks to mohammed and bakir

Bugs Fixed

  • 0002037: [Bug] Bad path inside ./themes/default/template/include/datepicker.inc.tpl
  • 0001338: [other] Error message in LocalFiles Editor
  • 0002057: [other] fetchRemote function may send POST data
  • 0002078: [other] Links must not be displayed in menubar if empty
  • 0001813: [display] Display list of the plugins in admin clear theme
  • 0002104: [metadata] error message when displaying metadata if HD access is denied
  • 0002101: [search] php warning/errors + broken navigation when using the advanced search form
  • 0002094: [notification] RSS feed, publication dates are all 1970-01-01
  • 0002031: [category management] deletion of a category returns to the highest level
  • 0002007: [help] update help_misc.html
  • 0002049: [other] add trigger_action in about.php
  • 0002043: [template] Some Javascript errors in default themes
  • 0002036: [user comments] user comments flood limits should not apply to administrators
  • 0002035: [API] [pwg.images.addComment] a warning breaks page parsing when meeting flooding limits


Recommended method: follow the automatic upgrade procedure.

If you're running Piwigo 2.1.0 ... 2.1.4 or 2.1.5, you can also download the 2.1.x_to_2.1.6.zip archive that contains all new and modified files. Once you have extracted the files, transfer them onto your web server with a FTP client (like FileZilla) over your Piwigo 2.1.x installation. No database upgrade is required.

If you are running a version older than 2.1.0 and do not want to use the automatic upgrade, then follow the manual upgrade.

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